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We make societal impact fuelled by curiosity, bravery and a depth of understanding of science and health behaviours within and across communities and cultures in Asia.

Our services
Strategic AND Creative Health Consultancy


Sovereign Health: Every day, we challenge the limits of what we can and can’t do. It’s part of our nature, and it’s vital to our ongoing innovation in health and wellness. We stare impossible challenges in the face and choose to “square the circle,” fight another fight, or find a better way. Sovereign Health is at the forefront of this charge, and we’re just getting started.

We are leading an evolution in health marketing and communications. One focused on patient-centric, personalized experiences, and rooted in science, creativity, innovation, and data. We provide leading, fully integrated health marketing communications solutions.

Sovereign Health exists to focus and mobilize best-in-class strategies, design thinking and amplification resources for the benefit of our clients. We do this in areas including data and insights, technology, healthcare specialty services, digital and CRM, CRO, marketing innovation, public relations/public affairs and other specialized areas.

Intersection of Technology & Healthcare
A Need for Seamless Integration

What does Sovereign Health do?

We are Asia’s most agile community of Healthcare experts united by one vision: to bring our clients the right expertise at the right time to improve health outcomes and to unlock opportunities for their brands and businesses with Healthcare Professionals, Patients and Consumers. Our areas of expertise include scientific medical communications; creative brand campaigns; intelligence, insights, research; digital, information technology; social marketing, and public health.

Whether it’s new entry strategies or established brand awareness, understanding new insights with real-world evidence or health-economics, Rx-OTC or public health engagement frameworks; we address Asia’s most pressing issues. We provide bespoke solutions in fields ranging from medical communications and content design to building scientific relationships and fostering partnerships between stakeholders in the public and private sectors, and more. We employ specialist research to build relationships between physicians, patients, regulators, and the private sector in pursuit of better healthcare outcomes.

Strategic AND Creative Health Consultancy

Medical Communications
In A Post Pandemic Ecosystem

Sovereign Health; driven by the impossible while striving for perfection. We excel in scientific platform development, publications planning and thought leader engagement. We also provide services such as advisory boards, medical and regulatory writing, conference symposia and meeting services as well as CME and eLearning programmes.

  • Scientific Platform Development
  • Publications Planning
  • Thought Leader Engagement
  • Advisory Boards
  • Medical and Regulatory Writing
  • Conference Symposia and Meetings Services
  • CME and eLearning Programmes
Strategic AND Creative Health Consultancy

New Patterns In Professional &
Patient Communication

At Sovereign Health we work tirelessly for our clients and patients. We provide Rx brand consultancy and promotion equipped for a new technology-driven chapter, as well as both strategic and scientific expertise. We also conduct cutting edge medical writing and scientific storytelling, give you digital media solutions along with social and pharmacy engagement, and provide you with digitally integrated salesforce materials. The end result of all the above, is your category and brand’s identity being improved and well known because of our many advertising and promotion services.

  • Rx Brand Consultancy and Promotion
  • Strategic and Scientific Expertise
  • Brand Identity and Positioning
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Medical Writing and Scientific Storytelling
  • Digital Media Solutions and Social
  • Pharmacy Engagement
  • Salesforce Materials
Strategic AND Creative Health Consultancy

Public Health In Emerging Asia &
Western Pacific

At Sovereign Health, we demand creation for health. We undertake emerging and developing market initiatives, as well as get stuck into NGO, government and community based programmes across communicable and non-communicable diseases.

  • Demand Creation for Health
  • Emerging and Developing Market Initiatives
  • NGO, Government and Community-based Programmes
Strategic AND Creative Health Consultancy

Patient Health & Wellness

Our work is ultimately for the health and wellness outcomes for patients, caregivers and health service providers. We not only provide OTC & pharmacy engagement, run disease awareness programmes but also give behavioural frameworks, insights and customer engagement.

  • Consumer, OTC Brand Consultancy & Promotion
  • Disease Awareness Programs
  • Behavioural Insights & Consumer Engagement
  • Digital Media Solutions & Social

Our Team

Sovereign Health’s key asset is its diverse and experienced team. Our team is a medley of professionals with a variety of different types of expertise in areas ranging from developing healthcare communications strategy across continents and cultures, to building partnerships between private and public stakeholders in healthcare, to in-depth scientific understanding. Tying together this wide array of skills, experience, and expertise is a shared commitment to bring about positive change in the world of public health by facilitating partnership, understanding, and shared innovation between communities and the plethora of private and public actors who shape the field. The unique blend of expertise and passionate idealism enables Sovereign Health to provide partners with an approach to healthcare communication rooted in mobilising the innovative spirit of the healthcare industry as a force for the advancement of social responsibility.

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